Coffee permanent filter – aroma-rich and sustainable coffee preparation

Coffee permanent filter

A long-lasting companion for your coffee: the permanent filter

Original coffee preparation without coffee permanent filter

Whether as a conscious break in hectic everyday life, for reasons of environmental protection or as a homage to the “good old days”: coffee filters are experiencing an astonishing renaissance – and provide more than ONE good reason for this:

After the coffee plant and its aroma-rich seeds came from the morning to the west, the coffee preparation developed steadily. At the beginning, the drink was still produced according to the oriental model, but soon the first changes followed. The mere boiling of water and coffee powder was perfected with all kinds of accessories. First and foremost was a filter to prevent the formation of coffee grounds and to bring the finished “coffee potion” into line with European taste.

In the past, coffee was made with a permanent filter. The necessary steps resembled a small ritual: At first, each coffee bean was carefully chopped up. The coffee grinder used for this purpose worked in manual operation and required corresponding effort. The coffee powder they obtained was placed in a textile filter and sipped over with boiling water. The anticipatory housewife caught the resulting coffee infusion in a preheated jug – because a lot of time could pass before even the last drop of coffee had coagulated through the permanent filter. But the result was a pleasure and could easily compete with the products of the first coffee machine.

Paper filter bag vs. coffee permanent filter

It had been presented to the amazed public in 1855 and worked as many coffee makers still do today: with paper filters that hold back the unwanted coffee grounds in a tightly woven sieve. But both the speed with which modern coffee makers work and the quality of the paper have a lasting influence on the taste of the finished coffee.

Coffee permanent filters in different versions

For all those who value high quality tasting coffee and want to continue making coffee as a ritual, there is an alternative to the widely used paper filter bag. To be more precise, there are two – because the so-called permanent coffee filters are available in different versions. There are both metal and textile variants. With both you can choose between different perforations: While the coarser items are particularly suitable for espresso, finely perforated coffee filters guarantee classic enjoyment.

Good for the environment, your wallet and your coffee: permanent filter in continuous use. What they all have in common is that they make better use of the coffee’s aroma and thus require a significantly smaller amount of coffee powder. Furthermore, permanent coffee filters are good for the environment – because they do not require any chemical processes or bleaching agents and save valuable resources. Since the permanent coffee filter is a unique item with many years of use, it is also easy on your wallet. Even the specimens steamed with gold are an inexpensive alternative in the long term and are the best choice when it comes to preparing coffee in an aromatic and environmentally friendly way.

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Kaffee Dauerfilter
Coffee permanent filter